Most of your Agility classes will take place in the roofs

Most of your Agility classes will take place in the roofs

To all the above, there aren't any easy and effective methods of achieving 99 Agility earlier than others (unlike, for example, the smithing process where you pay money and get more experience by using faster methods). Every participant must go through the exact process when learning Agility and the rewards and satisfaction you get from OSRS Gold the process is definitely worth it. Discover the fastest routes to reach the level 1020 30 40 50 60, 70, 80 and 90 or even the absolute max with this OSRS agility guide.

Most of your Agility classes will take place in the roofs and aprons of homes. These are known as Rooftop Agility Training Courses. In the course of a run, you'll occasionally see yellow plates on the flooring. Those are called Marks of Grace. After completing the Rooftop Courses you will find them at least once every few minutes.

It is recommended to pick them up whenever you come across one as there are 260 Marks of Grace are required to buy Graceful Outfit which is one of the most important sets in RuneScape. The equipment isn't useful in its offensive or defensive function, but it is lighter. The set includes 6 parts: gloves, hood helmet, cape, legs and boots.

While wearing the full Grace players can enjoy a -25kg reduction in weight as well as an additional 30% more energy recovery. This makes it great to wear while doing pretty much everything outside of combat and works wonders when combined with super-energy potions and stamina potions.

After you've acquired every piece Graceful equipment which is the main reason to gather Marks of Grace, those yellow tokens could be used towards Amylase Crystals packs which later may be sold on Auction House for the price of around 8k coins each. This is what makes Agility an ideal ability to earn money while learning.

There is also the option of spending marks of grace in recoloring your garments at the Great City of Kourend but it's going to require 100% approval from each of the residences. There are seven distinct hues available: purple two shades of blue as well as white, green red, and yellow. There's also a normal color for those who wish to return to Buy RS Gold an old color. The NPC that colour your armor is named Osten and is located in Shayzien house of Great Kourend.


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