Lets say you choose a manner were you own a hawk

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Lets say you RuneScape 2007 Gold encounter one of your targets, since there are lots of hiding spots all over the thieving area you might observe a hollow tree and click"hide in tree" and should you click on that choice you may jump in the tree along with your own icon on the map will evaporate. Okay because your goal is in site you seem on the map to determine where he is (you target shows up as a purple dot on your map). Now together with your target list and thing viewer in your own thieving bar on your principal list of options (inv. Q points and these ) there is a meter which shows you whether your goal is in range of you or not.

Now lets say you were a level 10 thieving and your goal was a few paces away. Since you are such a very low level your only option is to become very close to him (an din doing this, letting him see ) and attempt to pickpocket him. Now lets say you are a level 80 thieving. Since you are such a top level thief, you have considerably more options of how you are likely to sneak out of your goal.

Lets say you choose a manner were you own a hawk ( The hawk would be a brand new summoning familiar especially built for this particular match ) familiar and you ship it out toward your goal to attempt to steal the thing that he is carrying in his inventory. Additionally, because the way of thieving you are using involves not one, but another creature to go and steal the item from the opponents inventory, you can rune from sight of your target so that he does not know that your hawk recognizable is going to take his item and bring it back to you.

If your recognizable succeeds he will bring back the item that he stole from your opponent and he will have four more uses from those five he began with. If he fails he will not get the product and he will automatically dismiss himself from your command and he will even leave the name of his grasp on a burnt piece of buy OSRS gold paper so that your target will know who's after him and will be prepared for you the next time.


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