You can attach these to the armor to increase

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This is only one of the most original ideas I have observed to RS gold reimplement dueling. I like the notion of a grand exchange-like system, also it induces RWTing to be very insecure. However, Real World Trading would still be possible, and there would be several ways to circumvent the machine.

Telling her that you don't have time and might return for a pup (what a lie:-p) after extending you're legs for a bit. Before you get the chance to depart she asks you to bring a parcel that she palms to you over to her (either) of her neighbor at the hunter store. Speak to one of the neighbors and about the option screen it will give you a choice of proceeding with whatever it is they do or handing them the package and interrogating him about it.

Apparently he has drunk too much because he moves on about what she found and says its best secret he can't tell anybody not even you, but he does anyway. What he tells you're good! She discovered a way of making charms, he tells you she explained its Buy old school rs gold dangerous to try it but if you go speak to her you can convince her to let you"test it out" and you go into a cut scene in which she picks up the pillow in the puppy pen and puts down it a couple of spots away.