Their reasoning to change the talent tree is solid.

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It was huge to increase my level and determine where to WOW TBC Gold put my 1 talent point and which new spells I could purchase. I recall coming back in an earlier expansion and seeing that the one agency I'd left over my character growth was the place to put one talent per... 10, 15? 15 Levels. Each level was mastered gradually and there was no rush to master the skills. Sadness. I'm not sure about you, but for me.

Their reasoning to change the talent tree is solid. It was too generic with the majority of people searching for a build before using it. Talents like one percent increase in damage targets were not "exciting", but they substituted them with alternatives which were more flexible and/or mandatory in order to make the feel less restricting.

Too diluted even for a noob. They seemed to think they were looking to draw more less experienced players. For me, a casual gamer, I can tell you that they did not succeed in this, as it diluted one of the most efficient strategies of the game.

I believe it's a losing situation for developers. Some players, as you are, are prone to the completely fake feeling of power and control which comes with placing points in exactly the same spots as everyone else. They feel confused, sad and uneasy if they narrow it down to a few viable alternatives that are balanced, but there is no right solution.

Talents were a terrible mechanic. The smart players looked up the most effective levelling spec, and just blindly followed it. Noobs and casuals got screwed. Smart people searched for the most reliable raiding specification, and then they adhered to it with a mindless. Raids filled with abso-fuckingly identical warriors and mages and rogues using the same BiS sets and with identical sequences, resulted in raids having identical specifications. There is no homogeneity in the world and there are millions of ways to fool up and get called a naive by all the other players. You'll have to pay a tax to correct it.

There's definitely an illusion of authority and competence when you stick your fourth point in "Do +1 percent more of that" or put the thirty-first talent point into "this ought to have been baked-in at forty-five ability". It's a fake. There's no way to develop a ability or mastering something greater than a five year old's book of stickers. (But, then again, I'm betting that cheap WOW Classic TBC Gold many people who are the most enthusiastic about Classic are those who believe that solving a child's puzzle challenge is enough to turn them into a hardcore gaming god.


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