Imagine a Rocket League with a preferred area

Imagine a Rocket League with a preferred area

Variations in the playing subject are coded into sports activities: we talk about 'domestic gain' and 'hitter-pleasant ballparks' and turf and ice nice. And Rocket League does this kind of Rocket League Trading accurate activity of digitizing all the goofy flailing and wild bounces of sports activities that I don't see why it ought to miss subject variance, who prefer strict automated consistency.

Imagine a Rocket League with a preferred area, and, say, 5 or so mild versions. Maybe one has a pair bumpy patches, and another tilts a bit to the aspect. Now you could introduce tournaments which allow groups to select domestic fields, with the the top seeded crew gambling 'at domestic' first. As long as we are no longer speaking approximately tossing in loop-the-loops or anything intense, I believe it might be a fun more layer of strategy, and make the game even extra thrilling for spectators.

But no loop-the-loops, surely. It's funny: in shooters, the range of  different maps is a characteristic—12 maps! Holy cow!—however in Rocket League, some thing that deviates too a long way from the same old field simply distracts me with the perception that I'm no longer practicing proper competitive abilties. Given how long it took me to discover a match inside the Rocket Labs playlist these days, I'd say the feeling is shared.


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