This team installment has always worked well for me

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This team installment has always worked well for me

Then, the ports themselves: What's well worth upgrading? I've noticed the majority of the upgrades are fairly costly. I've been trying to RS gold update my office to unlock a 3rd boat, but it is so horribly slow to accumulate bamboo. Well ideally you need to prioritize the upgrades that unlock new ships for obvious reasons, and that means you're doing this right. I believe all upgrades are worth getting (except in the cases you have more than just one, you can unlock them but you can only have one active at precisely the exact same time so select wisely).

Concerning the team I essentially have 4'bureaucrat' (well the ideal is getting the very best ones available to you at the timeI can not remember the names of any others hence why I used bureaucrat - essentially the team member that fosters the stats of other crew members) team members; And afterward 4 Morale, 5 Seafaring and 4 Combat team members; 3 Merchants; 4 particular team members (those that get unlocked via special voyages like the Feral Chimera)

This team installment has always worked well for me, but there's probably better setups. I'll probably get rid of the Merchants shortly and get more special crew members or something, because honestly I very seldom use Merchants. I used them only when I was gathering trade goods to make the armours. As for the Captains I never cared about the Speed stat. I've 1 Morale, 2 Seafaring and 2 Combat Captains of the highest tier available to me in the present time. (actually I think I unlocked a new tier recently but haven't found any of the new Capts yet)

Choose either Attack or Strength, and train it buy OSRS gold without touching the other. An assault pure advantages from having the ability to utilize high-quality weapons like godswords, disorderly maul, and the Noxious scythe, and using these weapons can hit with high accuracy and damage against opponents wearing armour.