Air Jordan 1 KO Storm Blue Set to Release on Sep 29th, 2021

Air Jordan 1 KO Storm Blue Set to Release on Sep 29th, 2021

In an eventful re-release earlier this year, Air Jordan 1 KO Storm Blue is now an established part of Jumpman's current lineup. Before we see Billie Eilish's volt green interpretation, the silhouette will first return in the "Storm Blue" color scheme. In terms of color patches, the pair is almost the same as the previously released "Chicago". Only blue dominates, not red, covering the canvas-namely toes, eye stays, and collar. Although brands have followed suit, they are largely overwhelmed by the adjacent black laces and the same dark leather collar and Swoosh. The blank is then filled with white and further manufactured with AJKO's signature.

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the NBA-their "Diamond Day"-Nike prepared many gifts, the first being a set of dunk lows. According to today's disclosure, the brand will also launch a special Nike Air Force 1 sneaker, the color of which directly pays tribute to the Lakers. This palette contains bright blues and purples, effectively paying tribute to the past and present of the team. The design of the former refers to the style of the 1940s and 50s, while the latter celebrates today, using darker colors on the exterior surface. But elsewhere, the original Lakers signature also took root elsewhere, including most of the inside, eye pads, inner lining, and outsole. Finally, in order to make the NBA's more general celebrations more complete, people also wear exclusive badges on their tongues.

In recent months, New Drop Jordans environmentally friendly Move To Zero series has grown exponentially. Some classic styles of clothing use innovative and sustainable materials. The initiative continues to expand with the addition of the female Nike Waffle Trainer 2, which further adopts the "natural" theme of sports by embracing interesting, nature-inspired graphics. The new pair of shoes uses a soft color palette, including a "cashmere" color system, coloring recycled canvas uppers. The foundation is then supplemented with mint suede covering the toes and heels, and pink artificial leather applied to the lace and heel tags. As a playful touch, the side feature is a side Swoosh on top of an embroidered bee. There are also whimsical embroidery on the heel, which says "JUST DO IT". "NIKE" is displayed in a banner style. The cork material is used to construct the waffle outsole, lace dubri and insole, with the appearance of organic texture, consistent with the concept of "natural" in color matching.


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