Guide to login to AOL Mail account and the biometric feature

Get to know detailed steps involved in acquiring an AOL Mail account, steps to log in whenever you want, and the biometric features offered by the brand.

Just as technology emerged and improved in ways, humans couldn't have imagined, the life journey for AOL was tough but improved in a lot of ways that is backed by technology. This read will give you clear insight into the steps involved in signing up for and signing in to your AOL Mail account via Along with that, you'll also get to know the different biometric authentication features that AOL has been noticed to offer to its users.

The process for signing up

With an AOL Mail account, you get access to an entire world of advanced online services from email communications, browsing eligibility, news, and trending subjects, to scam and virus protection, and recovery of lost files. Well, all these functions would surely compel you to visit and sign up for an account. Therefore, given below are the steps to do so:

  1. From your in-use web browser go to
  2. Locate "Create an Account" and click on the options link.
  3. Provide them with the required data (significant for the account).

Note: You can use your smartphone to sign up for AOL via the AOL mobile application.

The process to sign in

Now that you've completed your sign up procedure, let's take a look at the steps for signing into your newly created account:

  1. Visit
  2. Type the account credentials.
  3. Hit "Next" to finish the process.

The biometric authentication features

AOL recently announced the biometric authentication features for all the users with AOL Mail login accounts such as facial recognition technology and/or a fingerprint sensor. According to the company, you might not get the feature for some technical reasons but, if you are asked to enable the features any time you attempt to log in, you should simply agree to it. However, there are a few quick steps to disable the feature if you do not want it anymore:

  1. Get into and log into your account.
  2. Direct yourself to the "Account Security" Page.
  3. Choose to go for the "Face/Fingerprint/PIN sign-in" key.
  4. Hit on "Remove" and confirm again with "Yes, Remove".


AOL has evolved alongside the technology and has created some exclusive products and services. Of which, AOL Mail is the most appreciated and the most used service that has successfully acquired a global reputation with its exclusive features. The read above will walk you through the detailed procedure to sign up for an AOL Mail account through along with the biometric features that have been introduced by AOL for the authentication of your email accounts.

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