Dzi Bead Change-Tang Jiasanshao

Dzi Bead Change-Tang JiasanshaoDzi Bead Change-Tang JiasanshaoDzi Bead Change-Tang JiasanshaoDzi Bead Change-Tang Jiasanshao

After Ming Hua entered her room, she never came out, and the door was closed. For this point, Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Binger are not surprised, after all, she was injured before, but also swallowed up a certain vitality by Zhou Weiqing. Rhubarb and Erhuang were finally liberated. The place where they lived was Shangguan Binger's room. The main room had the largest area and was divided into two suites. Naturally, the two big guys slept in the outer room and acted as gatekeepers. The two little ice bears have now reached a critical moment of growth. In their adult years, they are clan-level young beasts, and the beasts also have their own methods of cultivation. Zhou Weiqing did not know exactly what the way of practice was, but what he saw was that the two chubby guys slept and ate very little. But their strength is growing up, compared with the pain of practicing the immortal magic, Zhou Wei Qingyun is envious and jealous! After living in this small courtyard, the most strange thing for Zhou Weiqing was another thing. When he began to practice at night, the little white tiger and fat cat, who was always tired of being around him, jumped out. He found a chair in the room and jumped up. He no longer snuggled up and slept with him. This time, Zhou Weiqing is a little uncomfortable, every day hugging such a soft little guy to warm his bed, he is used to. But this time the fat cat also did not know how, even if Zhou Weiqing took the initiative to hold it to sleep together,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, it did not do, must break free to run to the chair, Zhou Weiqing is very helpless, also let it go. Early morning. Fat cat, won't you go to school with me? Zhou Weiqing looked doubtfully at the little white tiger lying there, looking like an example. Fat cat immediately shook his head, for it can listen to their own words, Zhou Weiqing is not surprised,digital touch screen board, rhubarb, two yellow can also listen to six, seven points. Zhou Weiqing went over and touched the fat cat's forehead. "You didn't burn it, did you?"? Tired of brother for more than two years, do you want to be irresponsible? Do you want to run away? ? No, even if you don't go to school with me, I will take a chain to tie you, so that you don't run away. Together for a long time, there must be feelings, if the fat cat really left, he is really a little reluctant. Fat bend $stared at him, one end of the black line, whoosh, jumped down from the chair, then jumped onto the table, interactive whiteboard for schools ,touch screen interactive whiteboard, a chubby tiger claw dipped in Zhou Weiqing's drinking cup, and then wrote a few words on the table. I'm not. I want to practice quietly here. Zhou Weiqing looked at her in great shock. "The sky has collapsed, the earth has sunk, and the tiger can also write.". Did I read that right. Fat cat, why don't we go out busking? I'm sure we can make a lot of money. The fat cat glanced at him, wrote two more words on the table with his little tiger paws, and then jumped back into his chair and went back to sleep. Zhou Weiqing took a closer look and saw that the two words were written, "Idiot.". In the end, Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing'er went to school, and when they were there, Ming Hua was gone. He was not worried about leaving the little white tiger and fat cat in the yard, not to mention that there were two big guys, Rhubarb and Erhuang, who had reached the realm of the venerable beast. Fat Cat alone, who doesn't know what level he is but often makes supernatural events, doesn't need to worry about anything at all. Today is the official opening day of the Royal Military Academy of Phili. The Academy is obviously much more lively. Both new and old students are wearing school uniforms, and there is an endless stream of people entering the Academy. The opening ceremony in the morning is aimed at all four grades of students in the college. When all the students come to the college, they go directly to the auditorium on the first floor of the teaching building to attend the opening ceremony. Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Binger are naturally no different from others. The Royal Military Academy of Phili deserves to be one of the three giants of the Academy in Phili City. The auditorium on the first floor is large enough to accommodate 3000 people at the same time. In fact, the total number of cadets at the Royal Military Academy of Phili has not reached the figure of three thousand. Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing'er attracted a lot of people's attention when they entered the auditorium. It was not because the news that Zhou Weiqing defeated Sheng Lang yesterday was known to everyone in the college. After all, even if he knew, he might not have seen him. The reason for attracting attention is that Shangguan Bing'er is so beautiful. Especially when she was dressed in a commoner uniform. Chapter 45 College Prestige (middle) All of a sudden, the eyes of the flashing color light came in an endless stream, and most of the college were aristocratic children, including some descendants of big families. [Full text reading.] It would be strange to see such a stunning beauty as Shangguan Bing'er among the civilian freshmen. They don't covet her. For them, civilians have nothing to worry about, even if forced back, no one dares to say anything. As for Zhou Weiqing, who was beside Binger last year, he was directly ignored by them. Zhou Weiqing naturally felt a lot of sunlight falling on Shangguan Bing'er, and a sense of pride arose spontaneously in his heart. He secretly felt that he could see it, but he could not eat it. He was worried to death. Zhou Weiqing knew very well that from the moment he and Shangguan Binger were admitted to the college, he was doomed to have to cause trouble. With Shangguan Binger, even if he did not take the initiative to cause trouble, someone would naturally come to provoke him. He had never said this to Shangguan Binger, but he was ready in his heart. Otherwise, he would not be so eager to go to the rubbing palace to complete all the rubbing skills of most of his three beads. The contradiction between the common people and the nobles, coupled with the beauty of Shangguan Binger, there is no doubt that their lives will never be peaceful. And Zhou Weiqing's idea is also very simple, come on, who wants to move my wife, I will beat who, hit them all hurt, naturally clean. Of course, he was far from reckless. First of all, he is very confident about his own strength, and it is not easy to find someone who can beat him among the students. Especially after yesterday's defeat of Ming Hua, who had a body bead congealing suit,smart interactive whiteboard, it added a lot of confidence to him. Zhou Weiqing never believed that there were many powerful beings like Ming Hua among the students. What's more, he didn't even see his real cards. He is an archer, not a warrior.


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