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Although Yang Shouyi chased him out to explain An Zhiyuan was still angry and walked out of the county party

Although Yang Shouyi chased him out to explain An Zhiyuan was still angry and walked out of the county party committee guest house An Yuchen was overjoyed to tell An Zhiyuan what had just happened An Zhiyuan could not help but say with a wry smile "Nonsense This publicity is too ***ed up He wants to beat people by himself What does he want my demon to do" At this time Zhang Yang also came out Seeing An Zhiyuan's reproachful expression this fellow immediately understood that An Yuchen had told the whole story just now How shameless he was He said cheerfully "Don't be angry Mr An In fact I did it myself But I thought about it it's best for Miss An to do it" An Yuchen tilted his head and said "What's good" "Think about it although the attitude of the county party committee and county government to support your investment is very firm but this political matter is very big you are a cadre of the county forestry Bureau everyone knows that he has suffered losses everyone knows that he is wronged but no one is Miscellaneous willing to stand by his side to testify which proves that the leadership of Chunyang County has no doubt about your support for settling down" Two slaps to prove one thing are you too valuable Not only An Yuchen but also An Lao burst out laughing He pointed at Zhang Yang and said from the bottom of his heart "I have traveled so many places in the mainland but I have never seen a cadre like you ha ha" You You Originally the county party committee arranged a car to pick up but Anlao insisted on refusing to let Zhang Yang accompany them to the Pearl Hotel In this way the cadres of Chunyang County knew more about the iron relationship between Anjia and Zhang Yang Even if Yang Shouyi was such a leader he could only look at Zhang Yang who was far away He could almost conclude that the last dead chicken was Zhang Yang who stuffed it into his bed He shuddered whenever he thought of it Although Zhang Wulou's mine accident passed safely he really felt the horror of publicity through it His brother Yang Shoucheng said more than once in front of him that he must not provoke publicity This fellow is a madman Once he touches you it's a nightmare In fact Zhang Yang always thinks that he is quite reasonable Of course this is because he does not have any good impression on Yang Shouyi the Secretary of the county Party committee on the premise that others have not violated his interests Although Yang Shouyi is the leader of Chunyang County Zhang Yang does not want to take advantage of the achievements of Anlao's contract investment At the earliest time Li Changyu once wanted to take this matter over but now Li Changyu has fulfilled his wish when the executive vice mayor of Jiangcheng City he also understands the truth that everything can not be quick success and instant benefit if his achievements are too dazzling it will attract more and more people to hate to a certain position unless you need to go up immediately It is better to digest the political achievements slowly But Li Changyu is also extremely uncomfortable with Yang Shouyi the former planted trees and the latter enjoyed the cool even if he did not want Yang Shouyi to squat under the tree so he hinted that the formal signing ceremony was the best opportunity to help Qin Qing to let Qin Qing on behalf of the Chunyang County Government to put Yang Shouyi the party secretary aside one thing can be done in Chunyang again China Chemicals Suppliers According to the convention it is impossible to have such a thing but if Anlao opens his mouth it is very possible Zhang Yang soon brought the topic to the project of Qingtai Mountain Tourism and he put forward several suggestions for revision An Zhiyuan listened carefully and agreed with Zhang Yang's long-term planning He said with a smile "Zhang Yang I didn't expect to see you for a period of time Your management level and vision have been greatly improved" Zhang Yang showed a rare modesty "Anlao in fact these views are not put forward by me but the opinions of Qin Qing our new county magistrate She has a lot of things to discuss with Anlao face to face" An Zhiyuan nodded and said "Well I'll stay in Chunyang these two days Please help me arrange a meeting with the county magistrate Qin" ” An Yuchen giggled and said "Zhang Yang I heard that you had an affair with Qin Qing What happened" Does her trip to Jiangcheng have anything to do with you Zhang Yang glared at her and said "What's wrong with you The county magistrate Qin and I are innocent We just talk about work There's nothing else Besides I have a girlfriend Will I make that kind of mistake" Who is your girlfriend Additives and Auxiliaries The Chu Yan Ran who drives the Red Wrangler An Yuchen showed great interest in Zhang Yang's private life Zhang Yang sighed and said "Are you Hong Kong people such bitches" An Zhiyuan laughed and said "She's the bitch!" Zhang Yang laughed with him Qin Qing returned on the second day of An Zhiyuan's arrival in Chunyang She had lost a lot of weight for a few days She had been newly cut short and hung neatly at the root of her ears Her complexion was a little pale The sun reflected the delicacy of porcelain The black suit set off her pallor which made Zhang Yang a little worried that the blow of the previous few days would not be too heavy for her Could her body stand it An Zhiyuan chose the roof of the top floor of the Pearl Hotel as the meeting place Fruits and snacks had been set up on the white round table An Yuchen was patiently brewing Oolong tea In fact this was something she seldom could calm down to do Zhang Yang looked at Qin Qing worriedly but Qin Qing's eyes did not look at him from beginning to end He shook hands with Anlao with a smile and sat down opposite Anlao Qin Qing was well prepared for this time She collected the opinions of experts she consulted in Jiangcheng City and brought them over An Lao looked at it and nodded He was a pragmatic person What he appreciated was a pragmatic cadre like Qin Qing After looking at it he gave the information to An Yuchen and said with a smile "I heard that the county magistrate Qin is a doctor studying at Harvard He must have a much higher vision than me an old man" Qin Qing said with a reserved smile "You're welcome You have been in the market for many years You have a very high reputation in Hong Kong Taiwan and Southeast Asia The myth of invincibility in the market for many years has become an idol in many people's hearts" An Zhiyuan burst out laughing He nodded appreciatively and said "The younger generation is awesome Seeing you seeing Director Xiao Zhang and seeing so many outstanding young cadres in the mainland my previous doubts have been swept away I am old The world belongs to you young people" Zhang Yang lost no time in flattery "You are old and strong!" 。


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